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AIC Heat Exchangers

AIC is a heat exchanger manufacturer of copper, nickel, titanium, double wall, air gap, brazed plate, shell and tube heat exchangers.
Flow Control Industries Logo

Flow Control Industries

FCI is the industry pioneer in industrial grade, pressure independent control valves used to optimize HVAC hydronic system performance.
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Titan Flow Control

Titan is a manufacturer of fluid control products, including: WYE strainers; basket strainers; check valves; fabricated products; duplex strainers; and other industrial flow control products.
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Tri-Flo Tech

Tri-Flo Tech is a leading manufacturer of industrial flow nozzles, orifice plates, flow meters, bleed rings, pitot tubes and coil packages.
Bulding Performance Equipment

Building Performance Equipment

BPE manufactures the most efficient energy recovery ventilators in the world.
Pace Controls

Pace Controls

Pace Controls, an Energy Star partner, develops and manufactures eco-smart, easy-to-install, energy-saving HVACR solutions.  They use patented technology that establishes optimal run times for compressors and burner units, “pacing” the equipment’s consumption of electricity, natural gas, fuel oil or propane.