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About Us

Who We Are

Mechanical Solutions is a Energy Efficiency Integrator that works with customers to increase building efficiencey while reducing operating cost. We take pride in being a solutions provider for the MarylandVirginia and Washington, D.C. markets. Some of our areas of focus include solving IAQ issues, chilled water system optimization, energy recovery, and optimizing run times of HVACR equipment. We can help determine where your building is operating and provide solutions to help improve the buildings performance all while reducing maintenance cost.

How We Can Help You

Are you a building owner or an energy manager looking to save money, increase energy efficiency and reduce greenhouse gases?

Perhaps you’re a consulting engineer looking for a product that is high quality, offers the lowest cost of ownership and boasts the built-in benefits that will help reduce building operating cost by operating at higher efficiencies that today’s informed customers demand.

Maybe you’re a service contractor looking for ideas and products that help meet energy and efficiency goals on an energy retrofit project for your customer.

Sound like you? We can help.

Mechanical Solutions aims to add value to each and every project we undertake. Whether you have questions about a LEED green building project, chilled water system optimization or energy retro-fit project, we have you covered.

What Makes Us Different

Quality defines our products, our services and our people. Having the highest quality products is important; doing the highest quality job and hiring the highest quality people are important too.

Mechanical Solutions employees people with extensive backgrounds in the HVAC industry; we also have employees who are LEED-AP’s.  Above all else, each employee has a passion for helping customers solve problems. Mechanical Solutions prides itself on being a resource our customers can count on.

We work hard every day to earn your trust as a business partner. We do this by representing quality manufacturers that add value to your project and by always going the extra mile for you.  The bottom line is Mechanical Solutions has the staff, the products and the experience to help you on your project, no matter how big or small it is.